UniFi Network Controller 發行 6.0.43

自己用來控管 UniFi AP 的 UniFi Network Controller, 在 Release Candidate (RC) 頻道中, 發行 6.0.43 版本. 因為這是 RC 的版本, 所以除非有碰到 Release Notes 發行公告所提到的問題, 一般是不建議在 Production 線上運作的平台中部署此版本. 我個人則是為了測試用途, 在自己的虛擬測試環境安裝這個版本進行測試.

    This is a patch release, full changelog of 6.0 version see here.
    * This release is a Release Candidate.
    ● Disable ATF toggle for certain devices.
    ● Add Advanced Feature Toggles, Data Rate Controls, MAC Authorisation in WiFi form.
    ● Rename Client Groups to Bandwidth Profiles.
    ● Display Site Switcher on Cloud Key with UniFi OS and multiple sites.
    ● Add an option to download server log file in new Settings.
    ● Fix provisioning WLAN changes for USP-Plug & USP-Strip and their uplinks.
    ● Fix adoption of USP-Plug & USP-Strip if user has separate 5GHz only WiFi.
    ● Fix issues during migration if Site has incorrect config.
    ● Fix Unknown device names in Cloud Emails.
    ● Fix Firmware cache table columns and their height.
    ● Fix overlapping column headers in Alert.
    ● Fix alerts page crashing.
    ● Fix event message rendering.
    ● Fix historical U-LTE data stat processing.
    ● Fix loading translations while using CORS.
    ● Fix models names for APs.
    ● Fix list of available backups to restore during the Setup of controller.
    ● Fix headings for UDM and UBB radio details.
    ● Fix blinking ports on UDM icon on Dashboard.
    ● Fix blinking IPs and text messages.
    ● Display Meshing settings only for last of 5GHz radios.
    ● Disable Bluetooth after Setup is completed on UDM-Pro.
    ● Resolve UCK-G2 identification issues.
    ● Migrate minimum RSSI settings to new range (from -67 to -90 dBm).
    ● Update minimum RSSI radio range in slider.
    ● Update UI for WiFi form Advanced section.
    ● Prevent deletion of WAN2 network on UXG-Pro.

安裝方式 (以 CentOS 為例)

步驟 1: 取得 Controller 安裝檔案

$ wget https://dl.ubnt.com/unifi/6.0.43-a8e04a273f/UniFi.unix.zip

步驟 2: 停止 UniFi Network Controller 6.0.41 進行升級

$ sudo service unifi stop

步驟 3: 設定 UniFi Network Controller 6.0.43 工作目錄

$ cd /opt
$ sudo rm UniFi
$ sudo unzip ~/UniFi.unix.zip
$ sudo mv UniFi UniFi-6.0.43
$ sudo ln -s UniFi-6.0.43 UniFi
$ sudo cp -a UniFi-6.0.41/data Unifi-6.0.43
$ sudo chown -R ubnt:ubnt UniFi-6.0.43

步驟 3: 啟動 UniFi Network Controller 6.0.41

$ sudo service unifi start



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